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TruBridge, a Healthcare Services company based in Mobile, AL is seeking applicants for a medical billing specialist in its Business Services division. The position works closely with TruBridge management and hospital employees to ensure timely and accurate submission of insurance claims as well as to facilitate effective follow-up and receipting of insurance claims. Candidates must be detail oriented with excellent verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, and time management skills.

Job Description

Daily billing of insurance claims, follow up on unpaid claims, denial management and filing appeals when appropriate to obtain maximum reimbursement.

Required Skills

  • 5 years of prior medical (hospital) billing
  • Computer skills
  • Experience in CPT and ICD-10 coding
  • Familiarity with medical terminology
  • Ability to communicate with various insurance payers
  • Experience in filing claim appeals with insurance companies to ensure maximum reimbursement
  • Responsible use of confidential information
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to multi-task

Technical Specifications

  • Base download/upload internet speed of at least 5Mbps -- SATELLITE/HOT SPOT INTERNET IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Quiet, dedicated space to work
  • All equipment will be provided by TruBridge

Job Duties

  • Ensure all claims are submitted daily with a goal of zero errors
  • Timely follow up on insurance claim status
  • Reading and interpreting an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Respond to inquiries by insurance companies
  • Denial Management
  • Meet with Billing Manager/Supervisor to discuss and resolve reimbursement issues or billing obstacles
  • Any additional duties as requested by management

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