Expanding Our View

The drive towards value-based care from the traditional fee-for-service model hasn’t slowed down. For many providers, it may feel like it’s moving even faster. With complicated and stringent MACRA reporting requirements on the horizon, the timeline to take action is quickly fading away.

Rural and community healthcare providers face a steeper road as they typically have a much higher payer mix of Medicare and Medicaid patients, making it even more important to make the necessary changes. It also makes it the perfect time to launch the CPSI Rural Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Program, Powered by Caravan Health.

CPSI has always focused on community and rural healthcare providers, making the CPSI Rural ACO Program a natural extension of our current solutions. Our leadership and experience combined with Caravan Health’s proven track record in the rural ACO space creates an unbeatable partnership. Caravan Health has 23 successful Medicare Shared Savings Programs in 32 states, supporting more than 17,000 independent primary care providers and has achieved shared savings 257% greater than the national average. They also have an aggregate quality score of 96.8%, showing that they know what they are doing to address the shift to value-based care.

The CPSI Rural ACO Program, Powered by Caravan Health allows physicians to focus on treating their patients instead of dealing with administrative paperwork. Combined with the solutions offered by the CPSI family of companies, you will have more communities living healthier, more vibrant lives.

CPSI and Caravan Health are able to address the biggest barrier rural providers are facing in making the switch – finding the financial resources needed to participate in an ACO. 

The time to make the change is now. The deadline to sign up in rapidly approaching, and the CPSI Rural ACO Program will only accept a limited number of participants. This isn’t a decision to be made lightly, which is why CPSI and Caravan Health are hosting a number of informational webinars in the coming weeks, giving you the opportunity to learn how the CPSI Rural ACO Program can help you achieve the freedom to remain an independent, financially sound healthcare provider.

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