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Focused on all aspects of healthcare

CPSI exists for one purpose: To help you deliver the best possible care. We’re never afraid to challenge the status quo or push the limits of what’s possible in pursuit of that goal. It’s our duty to go after greatness and deliver a superior experience to our customers. We want to make the work we do for you as life-changing as the care you provide your patients. You can count on us for innovative solutions that get ahead of what’s next. Bringing our insights together with your own, we’ll develop a plan uniquely tailored to your needs and success. There is no “good enough” for us. We’ll always strive to find better ways to help you deliver healthcare and help your community thrive. Let us show you what we mean when we say we’re focused on all facets of healthcare.

Acute & Ambulatory
Patient Engagement
Business, Consulting and IT Services

Continued success for community hospitals and clinics

Experience the power of choices that best meet the unique needs of rural and community hospitals and clinics. Our EHR product offerings successfully integrate data between care settings and help you stay current with the ever-changing regulations in the healthcare industry while keeping complete and accurate patient records. With a simpler and intuitive EHR, resources can be freed up so your focus can remain on caring for your patients and community.

Focus on what really matters

Our solutions are tailored for acute and ambulatory settings, taking into consideration the unique makeup of your rural facility. You won’t need to wade through solutions that don’t fit your goals and take your focus away from delivering the care your neighbors deserve.

Reduce workload

With well-designed workflows, task delegation and more, our EHR solutions help provide time-saving workflows, fewer clicks and navigation hassles, along with full integration to the patient record.

Financial sustainability

We understand the importance of stable operations for rural and community hospitals, as you are often times a cornerstone of your community’s economic vitality. Updated IT systems and advanced payment tools can help speed account processing, resulting in improved cash flow. We also ensure the kind of quality reporting and actionable financial data that’s critical to your financial health and drive a positive patient experience.
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Improving patient outcomes in post-acute care

In an environment where patient needs are constantly changing, real-time access to accurate, actionable data is crucial. We’ve made it our business to stay several steps ahead, keeping you and your needs at the center of our solutions.

Better outcomes

Being able to focus on delivering enhanced care allows for more positive patient outcomes as well as a reduction in readmissions. Through our unique client-centric approach, we understand how to coordinate individual care plans that elevate success in post-acute care communities.

Optimize revenue

Manage your revenue better with solutions that go beyond billing to help you get paid quickly and accurately for the care and services you provide. Fine-tune your organizations operations by taking advantage of one or more of the specialized business, clinical and IT solutions available.

Magnify efficiencies

Our solutions allow for workflow to be streamlined and let busy clinicians focus on managing care. All while capturing pertinent information for billing, reporting and regulatory compliance.
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Patient Engagement

By giving providers and patients the information and tools they need to work together to advance patient care, we help our customers achieve a wide range of clinical and business objectives.

We realize that in today’s ever-changing healthcare delivery landscape, what works today won’t be enough for tomorrow. The continued need to do more with less will require you to engage patients in their own care through technology innovation. We also aim to ensure that you are able to capture new value-based care payments as soon as they are available.

360 Degree View

An interactive user interface brings health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care that lets you engage with patients like never before. Tools like care management plans and health journals collect and share data in real time allowing you to manage chronic disease patients between appointments and give you a full and complete view of their care plans. Features like alerts, reminders and customized educational content means patients benefit from personalized care 24/7.

Patient-Centered Care

We support patients wherever they are with mobile apps that give them access to health data, education, and communications real time, at their fingertips. Taking this approach, the healthcare you provide becomes a part of their everyday life rather than a series of unconnected episodic interactions. The benefit is a deeper relationship with patients that is more likely to develop long-term trust and loyalty.

Achieve Financial Results

We know that it is possible to boost revenue while improving patient outcomes if you have the right tools to streamline workflow, prioritize patient care and collaborate with patients for better outcomes. Those improved outcomes are the backbone of an increase in eligibility for CPT code reimbursements resulting in a better overall ROI for your healthcare facility.
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Getting paid quickly and efficiently

Helping healthcare organizations become more efficient at caring for their communities and managing their bottom line has been the aim of our company since we opened our doors. Our team, which has grown to more than 900, is ready to continue doing the same with our ever-improving and industry-leading solutions that enable you to overcome the unique challenges you face every day.

Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle

Get paid quickly, fully and accurately with our HFMA Peer Reviewed suite of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) products. Our customers average a 97% first pass clean claim rate, resulting in improved cash flow.

Take Better Control

Ensuring you have a robust revenue stream is not an easy task. With ever-changing rules and regulations, it’s a full time job just keeping up. With an arsenal of Revenue Cycle Management Services, you have the support needed to maximize your revenue through a variety of methods.

Free Up Time And Resources

Support and manage your day-to-day technology needs without adding more staff. Whether you’re looking to replace aging systems, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk or simply find a way to do more with your IT budget, we can help by leveraging decades of experience in supporting community healthcare IT environments.
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Putting the Customer First

Understanding and anticipating your needs and expectations drives everything we do, at every level of our company. By first understanding how it might affect our customers, we’re better able to deliver solutions that best address your needs.

Client-first focus

Your facility and patients are unique, because your community is unique. That’s why we continually strive to recognize the specific needs you have first and foremost and design solutions that work best for you, not just what’s easiest for us.


Working as a partner requires open and honest feedback, at every interaction. We place a high value on your input and include you at every opportunity in our process. Because we know “one-size-fits-all” usually results in solutions that fit no one, our goal is to always nurture an open dialogue where your needs and challenges are front and center.


From start to finish, whether you are a new client or someone we have a long history with, you can count on CPSI and our family of companies to deliver solutions that work, regardless of the care setting. Our experienced team is driven to actively listen and respond to your needs every step of the way.

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