By your side, end-to-end, with advanced EHR solutions, predictive analytics and a collaborative support model.

Thrive EHR

Covering the entire healthcare ecosystem from private practices to hospitals and ERs to nurses’ stations, labs, pharmacies and financial offices.


Our unique service model providing comprehensive support from initial conversion to ongoing staff training.


TruBridge brings years of expertise in delivering effective business, consulting and managed IT services created for the unique challenges faced by rural and community healthcare providers. 


Changing our view

The delivery of healthcare in the United States has never been in a more transitional time. In our business the 800 pound gorilla in the room, CMS, continues to be the primary driver behind that change. CMS is on a publicly stated mission to change the basic premise of the reimbursement model it uses from fee for service to a value/quality based system. The fallout from this initiative will be widespread and significant. Read more