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Patient care is at the center of everything you do. You need the right partner to help ensure the vibrancy and health of your patients and the varying communities you serve. A partner who understands the unique challenges you face and offers the products, people and innovation to help you succeed. CPSI™ is committed to connecting communities, patients and providers to help you deliver the kind of care you want to deliver. It’s what we call healthcare amplified.

Helping to shape the future of healthcare

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Looking forward

You’re faced with the everyday challenges of caring for your patients and community at large. So, having a partner focused on the future of healthcare is invaluable. At CPSI, we have the depth and breadth of skills, expertise and specialized focus to support you in delivering quality healthcare, regardless of the care setting.
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Advanced tools

You understand that caring for patients is more than simply treating symptoms. CPSI understands our role is more than simply providing technology. Our role is to be a partner developing the innovative solutions needed to provide the greatest impact, and value, for you and the communities you serve.
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Industry Collaboration

With a focus on creating a stronger future for communities like yours, we’ve worked hard to collaborate and build strong industry relationships that allow us to spot trends. We’re focused not only on the latest advancements of today, but looking to what can be possible in the future. The result is the delivery of proactive solutions grown from a combination of our many years’ experience and careful consultations with key customers and other industry leaders.
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Changing the Face of Community Healthcare Through Industry-Leading Solutions

62 million Americans live in rural areas and need access to healthcare. It’s important that these communities have a full spectrum of healthcare services and access to care at hospitals, EDs, clinics, and in post-acute care settings.

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The Healthcare Insights 10 Most Reliable EHR Solutions in 2020



ROCKVILLE, Md. (April 20, 2021)-- Get Real Health, a member of the CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) family of companies and a provider of comprehensive patient engagement tools, and The Commons Project Foundation, today announced that Get Real Health is the latest member to join the CommonTrust Network, a global network of public and private stakeholders committed to empowering individuals with digital access to their health information in an open, interoperable and verifiable manner.
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ROCKVILLE, MD (March 17, 2021) – Get Real Health, a member of the CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) family of companies and a provider of comprehensive patient engagement tools, announced today that it participated in the Advancing Standards in Precision Medicine (ASPM) project pilot. The project, a collaboration between the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program (All of Us), actively supports safe and secure access to and sharing of emerging health data. The project’s objective is to expedite the success of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), a nationwide initiative to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach to healthcare delivery toward tailored treatment and prevention strategies based on an individual’s unique characteristics, including environment, lifestyle, and biology.
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MOBILE, ALA. (March 4, 2020) —American HealthTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI), and a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) for the post-acute and senior living markets, today announced that Charter Senior Living, LLC, an Illinois based management company, has selected and will be implementing the cloud-hosted EHR Solution from American HealthTech in its new skilled rehab suites opening this spring. Charter Senior Living is a company that is known as a caring and compassionate leader in its field and one that strives to demonstrate commitment to its residents each and every day. They have a proven record of consulting, managing and owning senior living communities across Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, and Maryland.
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Our family of companies – Solutions across all points of care and beyond

Acute & ambulatory

Healthcare is different when the people you care for are your friends and neighbors. We recognize the challenges rural and community facilities face every day: balancing the need for managing workloads, cost containment and promoting physician engagement all to provide a high-quality healthcare experience for patients.


Keeping up with your skilled nursing or senior care provider goals in an ever-changing market can be hard. Ensure continuity of care, positive outcomes and reduced readmissions with a data-centric approach that features tools to help manage both patient care as well as your bottom line.

Patient engagement

Healthcare delivery continues to evolve. In order to keep up, providers and patients need to harness innovation to be both proactive and effective in managing care professionally and personally. Patient engagement strategies are key to promoting patient loyalty and better care outcomes.

Business, consulting and IT services

Every day you are asked to do more. And you’re asked to do it faster and more efficiently all while maintaining a level of accuracy and precision to maintain healthy business operations. Our solutions can help you maximize reimbursement and improve cash flow through Revenue Cycle Management, Business Intelligence and Consulting Services. Our more than 900 dedicated, trained experts are on hand to design a solution specific to your organization and its goals.

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